Singer Songwriter

Pauleen is a singer songwriter from Hamburg/Germany…

Hi, my name is Pauleen. I’m from a Little town called Elmshorn, near Hamburg. As i was thirteen years old i started to beg my mother to drive with me in a record studio. Throughover that time my idol was Hannah Montana. I wanted to be like her , as ridiculous as it might sound. But back then my problem was that i was too scared to sing in front of people. As i was about to turn sixteen i shoke my fears off. I sang in a concert of my school. My insecurities faded and on my sixteenth birthday my mom went with me to a record studio. I recorded three karaoke songs and a couple weeks later the studio called me back and said they wanted to record a whole album with me. I was so excited. Eversince that day I get to the studio whenever I can. I finally got to record my own songs and I’m learning a lot about how to produce music in a professional studio.

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